August 09, 2013
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The “S” Family
The “S” Family
Last weekend, we loaded up the car and went to visit my in-laws. While we were there, I had the opportunity to photograph my husband’s cousin’s family. IMG_5876 RS
You may or may not remember some shots of Jeb (above) that I took soon after he was born. He has gotten so big – I think he’s actually the same size as Felicity, although she may have an inch on him.
IMG_5780 RS
Jeb has three big brothers – Logan, Grayson and Zander. They are a mess…to say the least. I’ll share at least one more shot of them on Sunday – for “silly.”
IMG_5825 RS
But, as silly as they are, those boys love their baby brother.
IMG_5855 RS
As does his mom and dad of course.
IMG_5896 RS
I can’t quite figure out who Jeb looks like.
IMG_5799 RS
But I am very certain that he’ll be big and strong like his daddy.
IMG_5883 BW RS
And loving like his mama.
IMG_5789 RS
Either way, there is so much love in this family and I am so fortunate to be a part of it!

On another note, I mentioned on Facebook the other day when I previewed this session that I my worst photography fear became reality during this session. In the event that you came back to find out what happened…here ya go.

I format my CF card in-camera on a regular basis. I have three cards that I rotate to avoid any one of them going bad during a session. Up until now, I’ve been lucky. On Sunday evening, the “S” family met up with my at my in-law’s home for photos. We had about an hour left until sunset so the light was perfect. I worked quickly so the boys could get back to playing. A couple of times during the session, I previewed my shots to be sure my settings were right. Then, at the end of my session, I asked Kimberly if she would be interested in seeing a few of the photos. When I clicked preview again, I got an error…like a black screen of death kind of error. I panicked. I had my card reader on me so I ran inside to check the card on my computer – nothing was coming up. With probably 20-30 minutes left, I reformatted my card and had to reshoot the session. What a nightmare, but thank goodness it was family.

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