The “Y” Family – Portrait Session Preview
The “Y” Family – Portrait Session Preview
On Sunday, I met up with the “Y” family for some family portraits.
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I met this family through another one of my clients – gotta love the referral network! I later found out that we had another connection through one of my college roommates. Small world.
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But that’s beside the point. I’m always glad to have a beautiful family to photograph…even better when we have a gorgeous day. With threats of rain, I was thrilled to see partly cloudy skies (ya know, because photographer’s love a cloudy day).
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One of my recent challenges has been photographing two year olds. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE photographing toddlers, but they really do give me a work out!
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For example, meet Amelia. Part of the reason we decided to get together on Sunday was because we were celebrating Amelia’s second birthday…and her sister, Claire’s, third month. However, Amelia has recently learned the word “NO,” and she uses it well. She wasn’t so interested in sitting, or standing, or doing just about anything we wanted her to do…so, we took the approach of “let the toddler do her thing” and waited for those precious moments (aka smiles) to unfold naturally.
IMG_7069 RS
During a wardrobe change, I took the opportunity to photograph baby Claire.
IMG_7129 bw RS
By comparison, Claire was quite easy to photograph. While her big sister wanted to explore, she was quite content snuggling with mommy and daddy.
IMG_7147 RS
I absolutely love these moments with her mother – so beautiful.
Of course, I also made sure to photograph her little baby body parts. This has become one of my favorite things to do for my clients.
IMG_7260 BW RS
After a little break, Amelia was ready for the camera again. I think allowing her to explore created some really beautiful moments that I probably wouldn’t have scripted otherwise.
IMG_7433 RS
These moments always show more personality than my best efforts to pose. Ha! How do you really pose a toddler anyways? If you know how, please advise.
IMG_7396 bw RS
Nonetheless, I had a wonderful time photographing this beautiful family and I hope I will have an opportunity to photograph them again soon.

Have a great Friday and I will see you again on Sunday!

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