September 04, 2013
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Are You Ready For Some Football?
Are You Ready For Some Football?
Typically, I would be welcoming you back to Wittle People Wednesday…but let’s be honest, only a couple of you (if that) were linking up. So, I think I’ll just use my Wednesday posts to showcase my little girl’s shenanigans without worrying about a link up. Sound good?
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With that said, this past weekend was the start of college football season. I am not a huge football fan. I didn’t go to a co-ed college or university (I graduated from a women’s college), so I missed out on the college spirit that comes with game day. However, my husband IS a huge football fan so I wanted to do something special to commemorate the occasion.
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Oh who are we kidding, I love any good excuse to photograph my baby girl. Besides, she looks so cute as an NC State Cheerleader.
IMG_8736 RS
For the record, she would have looked equally cute in Carolina blue. My maternal grandmother was a huge UNC Tarheels fan – she probably was looking down on us this weekend…shaking her head at all the red our little girl was wearing. Maybe I’ll throw Felicity in Carolina blue for basketball season.
IMG_8742 RS
So, let the games begin! We’ll be cheering on the sidelines…even if we have no idea why.

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