September 11, 2013
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Busy Girl
Busy Girl
Keeping up with a toddler is beyond difficult…and I’m blessed to have a child who will sit/cuddle with me for long periods of time throughout the day (I can’t even imagine what I’d do if she didn’t give me those breaks). However, when she’s in “play” mode…or rather when I’m in the mood to pull out the camera and capture her playing, she is anything but easy to photograph.
IMG_9044 RS
Don’t get me wrong, I’ve completely over the idea of capturing a “perfect…look at the camera…smile” shot, at least of my own child, but it would be nice if she could throw me a bone every once in a while.
IMG_9051 RS
Photography is all about capturing life as it is really happening though…right? At least that’s my interpretation as best I can put it. So, our current reality is one busy little girl.
IMG_9053 RS
And “Miss Busy” has way more important things to do than to pay attention to what I’m doing (unless of course it involves food, in which case, she is all about me).
IMG_9054 RS
So after trying for a few minutes to get her to look up using all my tricks (pig noises, whistles, calling her name, etc), I decided to go outside and see what she thought then.
IMG_9055 RS
Okay, so clearly I hadn’t gone outside quite yet.
IMG_9056 RS
At first she thought I was being silly. “Hey Mom, whatcha doing?”
IMG_9061 RS
Then it occurred to her that I might be leaving. Look at that face!

So, that’s my story for the day. Hope you have a great Wednesday and I’ll see ya on Friday for my latest client session with Jenn and Jasmine!

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