September 25, 2013
Logan’s First Birthday
Logan’s First Birthday
This past weekend, we celebrated our nephew, Logan’s, first birthday.
Birthday Storyboard 1
The theme of his party was completely appropriate – John Deere tractors!
IMG_9211 RS
Logan and his family (my brother and his wife) live on a farm. My brother…a farmer. Tractors are a huge part of their life.
Birthday Storyboard 2
Our family…not so much. However, Felicity did wear a tractor and chevron dress. But today’s post is hardly about Felicity. It’s all about Logan.
IMG_9250 RS
First up, a little cake smashing. As you can see, Logan got much more into it than Felicity. I attribute it to him being a boy.
Birthday Storyboard 3
While we were all messy, a family photo – this is happiness.
IMG_9288 RS
Next up, presents! Birthday Storyboard 4
Where I was sitting, I wasn’t able to capture as many shots of Logan opening all his presents (the house was packed – so much love!). However, I did capture him enjoying every moment of his new ride.
IMG_9421 RS
As you can tell, he loves his new truck!

Happy Birthday Logan! We love you so much.

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