Bryant: Four Month Old Portrait Session Preview
Bryant: Four Month Old Portrait Session Preview
Last week, I met up with one of my old coworkers, his wife and his four month old son, Bryant. According to Sarah (his wife), up until last week, they had yet to have any professional photos taken of their sweet baby boy.
IMG_0284 RS
As you might imagine, I was quite honored that they thought of little old me…and I hope these photos are everything they are hoping for.
IMG_0304 bw RS
We started our session at their home, in Bryant’s nursery. Knowing David (my old coworker), Bryant’s nursery is everything I would expect – nautical and 100% boy. I can only imagine that Bryant will grow up to be just like his daddy.
IMG_0341 RS
From the nursery, David and Sarah took me out into the woods…literally. It was actually quite peaceful – and the lighting was so beautiful.
IMG_0349 RS
While our goal was to photograph four month old Bryant, it seemed like a great opportunity to capture the three of them as a family.
IMG_0435 bw RS
Actually, I came prepared with a number of “posed” shots. However, when I got on site, I decided to just let them enjoy being together as a family…ya know, for a more natural look.
IMG_0487 RS
Bryant was a bit tired (and apparently fell fast asleep within a mile of leaving our session), so trying to do too many staged setups wasn’t working out. I’m fairly certain that his parents worked up a sweat in an effort to get him to smile.
IMG_0443 RS
IMG_0542 RS
On the other hand, when I did ask them to give me a more “formal” look (classically known as the “mom shot”), they gave it to me easy peasy. I’m pretty certain that there is a Christmas card within one of these photos.
IMG_0643 bw RS
Finally, we ended the session with a snuggle.
IMG_0587 RS
So many more photos to edit, but hopefully you get a taste of this beautiful session. Thanks again David and Sarah for having me…and Bryant, I hope to photograph you again soon.

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