October 02, 2013
Categories: Felicity
This past weekend, our family decided to check out a couple of local festivals.
IMG_9768 RS
The first one we checked out was the Storytelling Festival, sponsored by the Wake County Library System.
IMG_9812 RS
Felicity and I go to the library twice a week for story time. She absolutely loves the music…the rhymes…and of course, the stories. Our regular “story teller” at the library mentioned this festival, so I figured it was worth checking out.
IMG_9831 RS
The last “performance” we saw was a group of storytellers who ended in some sort of African dance. Felicity loved the drums. She even brought out her signature dance moves that includes a little head bobbing.
IMG_9843 RS
I almost hated leaving, it was so beautiful outside. But, we also wanted to check out the International Blue Grass Festival…which just happened to be in Downtown Raleigh.
IMG_9886 RS
While Felicity certainly enjoyed the music, she equally enjoyed running around. I could barely keep her contained.
IMG_9877 RS
We did find this one wall (that I’ve made a mental note to revisit with one of my clients) that became the source of fun and giggles. I took a number of shots before I was told to put the camera away and enjoy the moment.

All in all, we had a fantastic time. It makes me excited for the fair to come to town in a few weeks. Felicity is going to love it!

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