October 16, 2013
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Our Little Country Girl
Our Little Country Girl
Last weekend, our family went up to the mountains for an impromptu getaway. My husband had hotel points that we needed to use or lose. In between Charlotte and Asheville, we stopped at my in-laws for a visit. Of course, I brought Felicity’s tractor dress…so it seemed only fitting for us to have a little photo session. I hope you enjoy these even half as much as I do.
IMG_1629 RS

IMG_1641 RS
Yes…those are cowboy boots. I didn’t think I would get her a pair just yet, but I saw these on Target’s website and couldn’t resist. She can hardly walk in them so I doubt she’ll wear them much.

IMG_1667 RS

IMG_1681 RS

IMG_1675 RS
And when we were done with pictures, we walked over to Felicity’s cousins’ house to play. Who knew that she’d love the trampoline so much!
IMG_1708 RS

Come back on Friday for a preview of my most recent session with Katelyn McKay and her family. We didn’t have the most beautiful night to work with, but we had a blast!

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