Family of Three…at least for a few more months
Family of Three…at least for a few more months
Last week, I met up with the “P” family as a family of three for one last time.
IMG_1831 RS
As of February, this little family of three will become a family of five…and Zan will no longer be an only child.
Pulliam Family 2013_06 RS
You may remember this family from a few months ago when I helped them announce to the world that they were expecting twins.
Pulliam Family 2013_08 RS
Either way, I’m not so sure that Zan really cared much for photos last Friday. He was much more interested in running and climbing – you know, doing what two year old little boys do.
Pulliam Family 2013_34 RS
I remember thinking as I was driving home from the shoot, “who needs to work out when you’re photographing young children?”
Pulliam Family 2013_45 RS
So, as usual with Zan, he made me work for a smile…which of course gave me a good workout as I chased him around Joyner Park in Wake Forest.
Pulliam Family 2013_42 RS
When Zan’s dad arrived, we made sure to snag a few family photos – I mean, it is November and Christmas cards don’t create themselves.
Pulliam Family 2013_51 RS
By this point, Zan was running out of steam…and we were approaching sunset, so I had to work fast.
Pulliam Family 2013_54 RS
I’m hopeful that at least one of these shots makes the cut.
Pulliam Family 2013_59 RS
I’m especially fond of the ones with Zan on his daddy’s shoulder. I’m thinking those are definitely print worthy.
Pulliam Family 2013_62 RS
And there’s always room for jokes when your little one wants to escape – something to the effect of “who has time to slow down this holiday season?”
Pulliam Family 2013_66 RS
All in all, we had another great session and I’m looking forward to meeting their twin girls when they’re born next year.
Pulliam Family 2013_73 RS
Until then, I hope everyone had an incredible Thanksgiving. I’ll see ya on Sunday!

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