November 20, 2013
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My Little Turkey
My Little Turkey
Every other week, Felicity and I drive into my hometown and spend the day (and sometimes night) with my family.
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We had one of these visits last Friday. And since we were planning on spending the night, I took Felicity back to my parents’ house (my childhood home) so she could get a nap…so she would be in a good mood later in the evening when everyone else was getting off work.
IMG_0605 RS IMG_0619 RS
She was in no mood for a nap…and since it was so beautiful outside that day, I took her and my camera out for a little fun.
IMG_0643 RS IMG_0646 RS
I really thought I might be able to get her to play in the leaves – no dice. But she did want to sit in a couple of really old swings…and walk up and down the driveway a bit. She did not really like her sunglasses.
IMG_0645 RS IMG_0648 RS
As you can see, she was also wearing this cute turkey romper. I absolutely love this outfit!
IMG_0660 RS IMG_0662 RS
After a while, my sister came home and we took a few photos…all dressed in our new Christmas pajamas.
IMG_0667 RS IMG_0700 RS
And while we were doing that, Felicity became incredibly aware of my shutter button. Since I had it set to use a 10 second timer, each time she pressed the button, she would hear a clicking and then release. Oh if you could have heard her giggling with each press of that button.
IMG_0703 RS
Needless to say, Felicity took her first selfies. HA HA

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