November 06, 2013
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North Carolina State Fair 2013
North Carolina State Fair 2013
The North Carolina State Fair was in town a couple of weeks ago…and we went on opening night!
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As much as I hate crowds, I actually enjoy the state fair – at least parts of it, and I wanted to make sure that Felicity didn’t miss it.
IMG_1904 RS
Granted, she couldn’t do much…but she LOVED the carousel and running around a bit.
IMG_1936 RS
I figure next year, she’ll really enjoy all the rides. I think we got 20 tickets this year. One parent told us that we’ll have to get an armband next go round. Looks like the days of getting out of the fair cheap are behind us.
IMG_1924 RS
Interestingly enough, the fair wasn’t nearly as crowded as I thought it’d be. I guess that’s the benefit of going on a week night. I’m sure the weekends were mad.
IMG_1917 RS
She really wanted to run, so we found a few little areas that we felt safe enough for her to explore. In one case, that meant running towards the bull riding station – yeah, like that was ever going to happen.
IMG_1966 RS
In another case, we were being harassed by a couple of carnival workers about playing games for cheap stuffed animals. I’m not a huge fan of this stuff because I don’t know where it’s been…and she has a ton of stuffed animals already. Well, we let her down for five seconds and she immediately runs up to one of these booths. Needless to say, we spent $10 on a silly looking stuff duck.
IMG_1972 RS
But hey, we all had fun and I can’t wait to do it all over again next year!

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