The “B” Family – Portrait Session Preview
The “B” Family – Portrait Session Preview
Saturday morning, I met up with my college friend (and dear client), Pam, for a family portrait session at Historic Oak View Park in Raleigh, North Carolina.
IMG_2740 RS
Pam and I have an informal agreement that we meet for photos every six months. Her sons were born in November and May, so it’s really an ideal time frame for photos.
IMG_2741 bw RS
Her boys have reached an interesting age. Judah, who is almost 4, will only look at the camera if he’s also saying “cheese.” We all know how this ends up looking in photos…either cheesy, or in the case of Judah…as if he’s trying to tell you something very serious.
IMG_2744 RS
Meanwhile Mack, who is almost 18 months old, is in the same phase as Felicity…busy. It’s hard to keep a busy toddler still long enough to take a photo. Luckily, unlike Felicity, he’s willing to smile…except in this series where I tried to get a sweet brother shot. Ha ha!
IMG_2752 RS
Until a month or so ago when my family attended a storytelling festival, I was unfamiliar with Historic Oak View Park. Where have I been?!
IMG_2808 RS
There’s plenty of grassy knolls, trees and the historic site which offers lots of nooks and crannies for photos. And on Saturday, there were plenty of leaves to play in.
IMG_2851 RS
You’ll notice that they even have a cotton field. I’ll have to come back during cotton season for some cool shots. Oooh….and sleigh ride (different season, obviously – can you tell I’m looking at their website?)!
IMG_2872 RS
Interestingly enough, I’m thinking of having my own family photos done at Oak View. We’re supposed to have them done next weekend with the lovely and talented Katelyn McKay!
IMG_2887 RS
Okay – back on point…don’t you love how when we have a “mom and dad” shot, that Pam and Gray bring out their sexy faces. Even funnier is that Pam is a minister. Who says ministers can’t be sexy?
IMG_2960 bw RS
Alright, another attempt at a sweet brother shot…and a smile! So what if they aren’t both sitting – I call it a win.
IMG_3008 RS
And to end our session, big brother helps little brother push a truck up a hill. What a sweet moment!
IMG_3040 RS
We had a great morning, and what you don’t see are all the potential Christmas card shots. I’ll let Pam be the one to share those.

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