November 14, 2013
The “S” Family Portrait Preview
The “S” Family Portrait Preview
This past Sunday, I had two portrait sessions – I shared one of those sessions on Tuesday. The other session was with the “S” family.
IMG_9765 RS
I’ve been photographing this family since their oldest child, Adeline, was just three months old. Now, Addie is almost two and a half…and their son, Everett, just recently turned one. Oh, how time flies!
Side Family 2013_01 RS
In our short time together, our goal was to photograph the family, each of the children individually, the children together and the parents together…a tall order for two very active toddlers, but we made it happen.
Side Family 2013_12 RS
Everett has been walking since he was 10 months old (his mother tells me), but he hasn’t reached a run…and he’s still mostly willing to sit for the camera – at least for extremely short periods of time.
Side Family 2013_16 RS
Addie, on the other hand, is full of energy. Oh how I wish I had that kind of energy! She must have known that I don’t get into the gym as much as I used to, because she kept me on my toes.
Side Family 2013_24 RS
Her mom even told me that if I had any hopes of capturing Addie by herself, I just had to keep up with her.
Side Family 2013_32 RS
At one point, I brought out my reflector. Addie thought this was the coolest thing EVER. Unfortunately, she also thought I was playing a game. Although she would lay down and smile at me…the moment I pulled out the camera, she’d flip over.
Side Family 2013_38 RS
It reminded me a bit of a time in my life where I had to do a “suicide” run for tennis. After running a whole court back and forth…back and forth…it really did feel like you might just die.
Side Family 2013_67 RS
Okay, it wasn’t that bad, but she definitely kept me moving.
Side Family 2013_62 RS
In all seriousness, between the session I posted on Tuesday and this family’s session – I think I hit the jackpot of families. Beautiful families, beautiful children, beautiful day – just perfect.
Side Family 2013_96 RS
With all that said, the stars aligned and I’m thrilled to be sharing these photos today. I hope you enjoy them even half as much as I did.
Side Family 2013_82 RS
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