November 12, 2013
The “Y” Family Portrait Preview
The “Y” Family Portrait Preview
This past weekend, I met up with the “Y” family for a few family portraits. Actually, we met up to celebrate six months of life with baby Claire…but with Christmas right around the corner, we had to take advantage of a beautiful day for a family portrait.
Yarbrough-Claire 6 months_02 RS
You may remember this family from a few months ago (here’s the session). Claire was just three months old and her older sister, Amelia, had just turned 2.
Yarbrough-Claire 6 months_08 RS
Just a few months later and I feel like so much has happened. For one, Amelia has decided that we can be friends. She smiled and giggled…even held my hand as we were walking to the parking lot.
Yarbrough-Claire 6 months_16 RS
And Claire…at six months old, she has one of the most beautiful smiles I’ve ever seen. I told her mama that she wasn’t allowed to get any older – she was much to perfect right now.
Yarbrough-Claire 6 months_20 RS
So anyways, we had a couple of goals during our time together. 1) Family Photo – check! 2) Sister Photo – check! 3) Photos of Claire – check, check, check! and finally, 4) Attempt to get Amelia to smile for the camera – CHECK!
Yarbrough-Claire 6 months_26 RS
This is one of those sessions that I couldn’t wait to edit – and given that we had such a beautiful day…and this was one of two sessions I shot on Sunday, you’ll be seeing more of my client work a little later this week.
Yarbrough-Claire 6 months_34 RS
It was great day. But enough from me, enjoy the photos!
Yarbrough-Claire 6 months_37 RS Yarbrough-Claire 6 months_48 RS Yarbrough-Claire 6 months_50 RS Yarbrough-Claire 6 months_54 RS Yarbrough-Claire 6 months_66 RS Yarbrough-Claire 6 months_63 RS

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