December 18, 2013
Holiday Express at Pullen Park – 2013
Holiday Express at Pullen Park – 2013
On Friday, the 13th, Felicity and I met up with Michelle and Madeline…and Anna and Liam to go to Pullen Park’s annual Holiday Express.
7F1A0190 RS
I also decided that this would be the perfect opportunity to throw Felicity’s hair into pigtails. Isn’t she adorable?!
7F1A0191 RS
In an effort to avoid long lines, we arrived at the bus pick up spot early…and had our arm bands ready to go. If you’re one of those people who finds this post via Google, I fully recommend to pick up your armbands early if you can…and to attend on Friday (versus Saturday or Sunday).
7F1A0193 RS
We also decided to hit the train ride early. There was no line at 4 pm and still plenty of daylight. Granted, I would have liked to ride the train once the sun went down to see all the pretty lights, but let’s be honest…with a 17 month old, 14 month old and 12 month old – that just wasn’t going to happen.
Maddie train RS
Before I love on, can we take a moment to appreciate this super sweet shot of Anna and Liam? I swear this girl doesn’t take a bad picture!
Anna and Liam - Train RS
After the train ride, we decided to go ahead and visit Santa…you know, to allow time afterwards to recover. Michelle and Anna took the kids over to the lawn to run around a bit while I held our place in line.
7F1A0202 RS
At some point, I think Michelle got tired of running around so we trade places. As a result, she got to hold my baby while I chased hers.
Maddie Dances 1 RS
It’s a shame I can’t be in two places at one time because our “wittle people” were so cute running around. I only brought my 50mm lens though, so I couldn’t get close enough to capture much. However, when I had Maddie to myself, I did capture a few shots of her dancing. She was a trip!
7F1A0215 RS
Finally, it was our turn to see Santa. As you can tell, no one liked Santa. I must be the meanest mommy in the world to torture my child like this.
Maddie Santa RS
Interestingly enough, since seeing Santa in person FOUR TIMES, Felicity loves saying “HO HO HO” everytime she sees Santa on TV. Maybe next year, she’ll think he’s cool enough to talk to.
Sleeping Liam RS
We ended our evening with a trip on the carousel. While riding, I was questioning whether or not we had any energy left for another trip on the train. Then, I looked over to Liam. He was fast asleep. Bless his heart!

Until next year,
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