December 11, 2013
Categories: Felicity
Scary Santa
Scary Santa
Last weekend, Michelle and I took our girls to meet Santa at Peace College.
Santa and Maddie-1 RS
As you can see by the look on Maddie’s face, she was not a fan.
Santa and Maddie-6 RS
Neither was Felicity (thanks Michelle for these photos).
Peace Santa RS
After the trauma of seeing Santa, we took the girls upstairs to get a snack…and recover.
7F1A0137 RS
I put my camera away for a little while, so I failed to capture Maddie socializing with all of the other children. I also failed to capture Felicity inhale the chocolate chip cookie I intended for us to share.
7F1A0123 rs
However, I did pick up my camera in time to capture the girls sitting in the window.
7F1A0142 RS
We then went over to the chapel to explore.
7F1A0147 RS
I’m fairly sure that we weren’t supposed to be playing in the chapel, but the girls were having a blast!
7F1A0150 RS
Always a good time with Michelle and Madeline!