January 08, 2014
Categories: Felicity
All the Little Babies…and then some
All the Little Babies…and then some
Felicity loves her baby dolls.
7F1A0710 RS
Almost everyday, she walks over to her baby doll crib and grunts/stomps/squeals until I help her pull every single one of them out. In most cases, they end up on the sofa.
7F1A0712 RS
Oh how she loves those baby dolls. Funny thing is that she feeds them with a bottle – as if she knows what that’s all about. I’m curious as to whether or not she’ll ever try to nurse her babies once she witnesses me nursing another baby (no – I’m not pregnant…just imagining).
7F1A0725 RS
On another note, Maddie came over the other day. Since they no longer have cable…and no longer can watch the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, I thought I’d turn it on for a few minutes before they left.
hot dog dance 2 RS
Maddie was super tickled to see her favorite show – and flipped out when the hot dog song came on.
hot dog dance 1 RS
Too funny!