January 21, 2014
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Covered in Bangles
Covered in Bangles
Believe it or not, I don’t actually dress up my child every day with the intent of taking photos. That said, we seem to find ourselves in situations that just scream for a photo op. Today’s post is one of those situations.
7F1A1123 RS
You see, when I’m getting ready in the morning, I close off our bedroom and allow Felicity to run around/play while I’m in the bathroom. She’s satisfied with this arrangement for about 10 minutes before she comes into the bathroom to get my attention. At that point in time, I look around for anything that I can hand off that won’t cause her harm.
Bangles Collage
As of lately, she’s been quite interested in bracelets…to the point that I can’t wear my new Lily and Laura bracelets because she’ll steal them. I even went so far as to get her a couple of bracelets that she could call her own. She just wants to add her bracelets to the ones I’m wearing – go figure.
7F1A1138 RS
I tell you all that as background for the reasons she’s now wearing a gazillion bracelets in this set. For whatever reason, I remembered that I have a bag full of bangles that my mom gave me a few years ago. I don’t wear a lot of bangles, but I held onto them – I guess for playtime? After Felicity’s 10 minutes of play, I reached for the bag. She was ecstatic…to the point that she stopped everything she was doing to cover her left arm in bangles.
Cute and I know it RS
It’s funny, because she will only wear these bangles on one hand…which means she won’t do anything with that one hand for fear of losing a bracelet. It makes doing most things a little difficult, but I figure she can’t get into too much trouble if she’s only using one hand.
7F1A1142 RS
Once I was ready for the day, I took her downstairs with me. Of course, the bangles came with us. I then grabbed my camera with my 24-105mm lens so I could stay out of her way…and capture the moment. In the process, I thought about all the fun we’re going to have when she really gets into dressing up. My mom has been collecting outfits for the past two years – were going to have a blast!
7F1A1148 RS
After a while, the bangles came off…and a pink rabbit fur boa came out. It’s amazing that this child doesn’t like hats, because she certainly loves dressing up in her mom’s stuff. Then again, I don’t like wearing hats so why should I expect her to.
7F1A1162 RS
So that was our day – just another day in toddler paradise.

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