January 28, 2014
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Snow Day!
Snow Day!
Last week, it snowed. Some of you might call it a dusting…it was maybe 2 inches, but for us it was just enough to get excited about.
Snowy Night RS
Actually, I didn’t believe the weather reports. I was browsing Facebook when a neighbor announced that it was snowing at her house. I responded, “really?” Then it occurred to me that I could look outside – duh. Yes…yes…it was snowing! Since Felicity wasn’t quite asleep yet, we decided to walk outside and let her “enjoy” it before bedtime. She wanted nothing to do with getting down, but she kept motioning for her daddy to step back outside so she could look. I took a quick cell phone picture and then grabbed my big camera.
Snow Hug RS
The next morning, I was like a kid on Christmas morning. I couldn’t wait to bundle my child up so we could go outside and play. Granted, my child is still young…and not much of an explorer so my husband held her most of the morning. No worries – he took advantage of the situation and snagged a cuddle.
Walking in the Snow rs
After being outside for a little while, she warmed up to the idea of walking in the snow…as long as one of us was holding her hand. Maybe next year, she’ll enjoy it enough to walk alone. Heck, maybe next year there will be enough snow to even build a snowman. Oh, who am I kidding?!

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