January 31, 2014
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Welcome Baby Camden!
Welcome Baby Camden!
Last weekend, I met up with baby Camden and his family for a little photo session.
7F1A1365 RS
Camden is just two months old, but already has his mom and dad wrapped around his little fingers.
7F1A1326 RS
Oh…and Thomas, the Boston Terrier’s paws too.
7F1A1398 RS
While we were together, we had quite a blast dressing Camden up in various attire. There were the “hipster glasses.” He wasn’t too impressed with these.
7F1A1419 RS
The polka dot neck tie.
7F1A1503 RS
The bow tie…which I LOVE!
7F1A1654 RS
And a “Be Mine” bib. There were a few other outfits, but I can only share so many photos in the first preview.
7F1A1728 RS
After dressing up, we stripped him down to photograph his sweet baby body parts. This is one of my favorite things to do with my baby clients.
Camden Body Parts RS
Not that I don’t love playing dress up, but naked babies are so sweet.
7F1A1884 RS
Then, before I headed out, we swaddled him up for one last family shot. The look on his face says, “thank God this is over.”
7F1A1929 RS
Thanks Jena, Craig, Thomas and Camden for having me over. I had so much fun with you all and look forward to seeing you again soon!

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