February 13, 2014
Bellamy: Cake Smash!
Bellamy: Cake Smash!
Last week, Bellamy came over for her “Birthday Cake Smash” session. After seeing how much she enjoyed her birthday cake the week before, we (me and her mother) decided that we didn’t want to miss the opportunity to photograph her again in a more portrait environment. Of course, our conversation didn’t sound anything like that, but I’m sick (yes – I caught what Felicity had) so bare with me. From this point forward, I’ll just let you enjoy the photos.
1YrOld Bellamy_010 RS 1YrOld Bellamy_016 RS 1YrOld Bellamy_013 RS 1YrOld Bellamy_017 RS 1YrOld Bellamy_030 RS 1YrOld Bellamy_033 RS 1YrOld Bellamy_036 RS 1YrOld Bellamy_048 RS
Stay tuned for more photos of Bellamy. The day after this session, I went over to Bellamy’s house for some family photos. Good times!

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