February 05, 2014
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Brin and Brent: Maternity Session Preview
Brin and Brent: Maternity Session Preview
Several years ago, I brought my camera along to a friend’s bachelorette weekend in Charleston, SC. Not that anyone asked me to, but I took it upon myself to document the experience. It was during that weekend that I met Brin.
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Brin reminded me this weekend that she was paying attention, and that she always thought that I should be doing photography full time. Lucky for me, she made sure to contact me the moment she had a reason to have photos taken (although I might argue that you don’t really need a reason).
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Brin and her husband, Brent, are expecting a baby boy in April. Having had one too many friends go into labor early, Brin wanted to make sure that her maternity session was scheduled far enough in advance that she had that maternal glow without any threat of early labor.
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That said, I wasn’t sure how our weather would be in January when she initially scheduled her appointment. One day it’s 70 degrees…the next, snow. Fortunately for us, the snow was melting away and we had a beautiful 50 degree temperature day. On top of that, because we met on a Friday afternoon, I didn’t have to compete with any other photographers.
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Not that it would have mattered – I’m pretty sure that Brin would have stolen the show. Brin is already a beautiful woman, but she might be an even more beautiful pregnant woman. She wears it so naturally.
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With that said…and I know it’s still several months away, but I’m excited to see Brin and Brent transform into parents. That’s right – I’ll be photographing sweet baby Brooks when he arrives in April!
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Until then, I hope that Brin and Brent enjoy their time together…just the two of them. Enjoy the movies, dinners out, long showers…you know, stuff that seems to vanish into thin air once babies arrive.
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Heck, Felicity is 19 months and I’m just now starting to see some of that time again. Oh how life changes.
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Either way, congratulations Brin and Brent. I look forward to seeing you again in a few months!

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