March 17, 2014
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“WHO” says it’s St. Paddy’s Day?
“WHO” says it’s St. Paddy’s Day?
Last week, it was so beautiful…so beautiful that Felicity headed towards the back door and said “GO,” long before I had planned to go anywhere. But, when a 20 month old tells you it’s time to go, you go (I mean, when you don’t have anything else going on that day – gotta pick your battles, right?).
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On this particular day, I had actually planned to leave the house at some point to capture Felicity in her St. Patty’s Day attire. With the exception of her pink high tops, she was happy to do anything I requested…as long as we could GO.
Rainbow at Arboretum RS
Once we were ready, we drove over to the Arboretum. Felicity loves to walk around and pick up rocks, so I thought the Arboretum would be a quiet spot for us to do just that. Knowing that I’d also be photographing her, the Arboretum made for a beautiful backdrop…even if it was a bit sunny.
7F1A5066 RS
We walked through the Japanese garden…ran through the field…and even spotted a few daffodils in bloom.
7F1A5086 RS
And when that got old, we turned on some music and danced a little. When in doubt, the Wiggles is always your best bet (thus the reason she’s holding my phone).
7F1A5112 RS
You’ll notice that in a few of these shots, I was experimenting with a rainbow. Oh how I wish it was real, but I’m not nearly that good…at least not on this day. I actually spotted a photo on Pinterest or Etsy that inspired me to do this session at all. The little girl in the photo was wearing a similar t-shirt with a denim skirt and leg warmers…and jumping into a rainbow. I figured we could do something similar.
7F1A5133 RS
Felicity’s jumping skills are still being developed so we may have to try jumping into a rainbow another day.
7F1A5137 RS
After dancing, it was time for a snack before heading home.
7F1A5144 RS
We were hoping to end our stay by watching fish in the pond, but they were hiding…and Felicity was getting tired.
7F1A5149 RS
Either way, Happy St. Patrick’s Day. We hope you have a fantastic day!

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