April 24, 2014
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Easter Egg Hunt at Gran’s
Easter Egg Hunt at Gran’s
We did not necessarily have a “traditional” Easter Sunday. We attend a contemporary/non-denominational church…which means that our church had something like six or more services at their Raleigh campus over the weekend. We went to the Friday service.
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So, on Sunday, we woke up…let Felicity get into her Easter basket…had breakfast…then drove to my parents’ house for Easter lunch.
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After lunch, we let the kids get into the Easter baskets that my mom put together. Then, we took them outside for a little egg hunt. As you see, Felicity started as planned (at least for a few minutes). However, Logan (our nephew), decided that it was a lot more fun to play with his new bubble lawn mower.
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When Felicity saw how much fun he was having, she wanted to join him.
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They were having a blast, and I was just excited that I might not have to regularly blow bubbles for her anymore. YAY!
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There’s a few more photos, but I’m out of words.
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Thanks Gran for an awesome Easter!
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Needless to say, this year was fun…I bet next year will be even better!

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