Anna and Liam
Anna and Liam
Last Monday, I met up with Anna and Liam at the family farm for Liam’s 18 month portrait session. The last time I photographed Liam, he was just 12 months old. Needless to say he had grown a ton! While we were there, Anna wanted a few photos of her and her horse, Frank.
7F1A9785 oil
I’ve never photographed horses before so it was quite a treat to be able to do so. I also think I’d like to go back and get a little more creative. Although, don’t you love the oil painting effect I added to this first shot?
Liam 18 Months_05 RS Liam 18 Months_43 RS
After a few photos with Frank, it was my turn to chase Liam around a bit. Since I have a child that stays clung to my leg most of the time (including this entire photo session), I forgot how much 18 month olds run. Good thing – it’s been a while since I’ve hit the gym. Although I guess looking at these photos, you’d never know he was running from me the whole time. Liam 18 Months_35 RS Liam 18 Months_36 RS Liam 18 Months_77 RS
While we were wandering around, a brace (or paddling) of ducks came by to say hello. Liam was curious. Felicity was terrified.
Liam 18 Months_53 RS Liam 18 Months_90 RS Liam 18 Months_92 RS
By the end of the day, we were all worn out a bit. I told Anna we’d take advantage of Liam’s exhaustion. What better time to snag a few snuggles than when your child is tired.

With that said, always a pleasure to catch up with my girl, Anna. We can’t wait to come back to the farm again. Maybe Felicity will enjoy it more next time.