Ellie and Lanie: 3 Month Old Preview
Ellie and Lanie: 3 Month Old Preview
Last weekend, I met up with my favorite three month old twin clients, Ellie and Lanie…and their almost 3 year old brother, Zan.
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I’m still a few photos shy of a completely edited session (working on baby body parts right now…times 2), but these photos can’t go another day without being shared.
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I mean, all three children looking the same way? Just the twins looking the same way? Ellie blowing bubbles and looking sweet? They had to be shared!
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Oh, and these sweet mirror photos? Zan had to get in on the action.
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Speaking of the mirrors, we really weren’t sure how that would go down with the girls. I do have one photo of them together on the mirror, but it’s less than ideal. Ellie was okay, but Lanie is in a full scream. It’s as if she’s saying “two is enough, Mom!”
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That said, I do love mirror photos. I think they are fun…even if my baby clients don’t.
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Ya know, I do wish I had a sweet “awake” photo of Lanie. She was much more interested in sleeping. No biggie – I’m a huge fan of sleep myself.
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And Zan made sure that he had a few photos taken while I was there. You might never know he was all over the place as I snapped these shots. I’m good. Or something like that.
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Always a good time with this family – can’t wait until August for another round.

Until then,
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