May 14, 2014
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Mack Turns 2!
Mack Turns 2!
This past weekend, I met up with my friend, Pam, to photograph her family. I looked back into my archives, and it appears that I’ve been photographing her family for two years. We always get together during the spring to capture Mack’s birthday (I photographed him as a newborn and he is turning 2 this week), and in the fall to capture Judah’s birthday.
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We met up at Pullen Park in Raleigh, NC because we thought that might offer a fun activity for the boys…and create beautiful, natural smiles for the camera. We started at the boats. They loved the boats, but were very serious about it.
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Then we went for a train ride. The picture above cracks me up. I promise that Judah was having fun, but he had a hard way of showing it.
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I’m going to blame Pam for their reaction to the camera. Pam took up photography over the past year or so. I’d like to believe that I bring out the smiles in my child clients…so these serious faces are her fault. HEHEHE, I’m totally kidding.
7F1A8477 RS
See, there’s a hint of a smile…kinda.
7F1A8517 RS
Since we were at the back of the train, we took the time to take a family photo. As we got off to take the photo, I hear the train conductor thank the passengers for remaining seated. Oops.
7F1A8566 RS
From there, we walked over to the carousel so I could test my ability to shoot standing while flying in circles. The boys maintained a pretty serious face during and after the ride. But, Mack held my hand as we walked over to our next spot, so I guess I was doing something right.
7F1A8575 RS
By the way, have you ever tried to photograph two little boys in front of playground? I’m actually kind of surprised that they are sitting still.
7F1A8588 RS
In fact, even after that shot, we had more photos to be taken…and the boys did great.
7F1A8620 RS
They did great until I wanted to take a few specific shots. I actually started laughing as I sorted these images earlier today. I think it makes for a funny collage.
7F1A8644 RS
And it only got sillier. I love the way Mack’s tongue is sticking out of his mouth.
7F1A8624 v2 bw RS
But there were sweet moments too. I mean, we were celebrating Mack’s 2nd birthday. It only seems right to make sure we have a few individual shots of this silly little boy.
7F1A8744 RS
Never a dull moment when you hire Ashley Sisk to photograph your family.

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