Jammin’ Baby
Jammin’ Baby
Felicity and I started taking a class called “Jammin’ Baby” (a Music Together program) when she was 7 or 8 months ago. As much as my husband and I love music, we felt it was important to encourage her musicality from an early age.
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A few months ago, Ken Wolf of Wolf Photography visited our class to photograph our children in action.
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Felicity stayed cuddled up to me during most of the class, but he was able to capture some really sweet moments (I purchased the unedited images with rights to edit).
_CMA3660-2 RS
If you have a chance to take a class such as Jammin’ Baby, I highly recommend it. We’ve been with Ms. Kara for the past year and a half.
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Felicity has gone from crying if she wasn’t held…and basically hesitant to do anything, to looking forward to singing “Hello Everybody.” In fact, if you’re reading this Kara, she spends most of the day singing – even if she doesn’t make a peep during class.
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Thank you Ken for capturing these moments. I’ve always wanted to have photos from this special time and now I have it!
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