July 02, 2014
Two Years Old!
Two Years Old!
It happened. They all warned me. I didn’t believe it. But it happened. My once 6 lb, 3 oz newborn baby girl turned 2. Two complete years have passed since my world forever changed. Two years has passed since that first cry. Two years has passed since I realized the truest form of love.
Felicity 2 Yr Portrait 1
Just a year ago, you were so cautious. So careful. You clung to me. You needed me for reassurance…for nutrition…for everything. A year later and you’re still so many of those things, but you have come into your own. You have found your voice. You sing. You dance. You laugh. You run. You talk…a lot. You are joyful and honest and loving and energetic. You are girly and curious. You are just so awesome and I am so blessed to have been chosen as your mother.
7F1A2087 RS
I know your daddy is in the process of writing you love letters that he’ll give you one day when you’re much older (I’ve taken a peek…wow), but if you ever have a chance to look back at this blog, I hope you will see how much you are loved.
Felicity 2 Yr Portrait 2 5x7 RS
Happy Birthday Felicity! We love you.