Declan turns 2!
Declan turns 2!
Earlier this week, Felicity and I met up with Declan and his mom for a photo play date. Declan and Felicity are going to preschool next week (same school…different classrooms), and we wanted to capture this precious time in their lives. Oh, and Declan turned 2! Yeah…that’s probably more important!
Declan 2 Yr Old Portraits_12 RS
I’ve been photographing Declan for over a year now and he is one of my favorite clients…probably because I get to see him so much outside of our photo sessions.
Declan 2 Yr Old Portraits_18 RS
He is always willing to smile, so even though he runs away from me often, I don’t mind so much since he does it with a smile on his face. It doesn’t hurt that he’s also giving me a workout…which I need!
Declan 2 Yr Old Portraits_20 RS
Declan is also one of Felicity’s best buddies. On the morning of our session, I asked Felicity if she wanted to play with Declan. She got soooo happy and starting chanting “dec-an dec-an dec-an.” As we were getting ready to leave, she could hardly wait to get out the door. And when she saw him, she nearly jumped (which is a big deal considering she can’t really jump yet).
Declan 2 Yr Old Portraits_24 RS
And then there’s the props. Our kids are way too young to do anything major. I mean, I could daydream about holding apples, a sign, glasses, or reading a book, but that just isn’t going to happen. However, my old rocking chair seemed to be enough to keep Declan occupied for about a minute.
Declan 2 Yr Old Portraits_34 RS
And then there’s Fe and De trying to put the moves on one another. I’m kidding – they’re just friends and she can’t date until she’s 30, so it’s a loss cause. But, they did sit nicely together and Declan tried leaning in for a sweet kiss. I can’t tell if Felicity likes it or not. HA HA
Declan 2 Yr Old Portraits_44 RS
Oh Declan, what is your mother going to do with you? Oh I know…hug you and squeeze you and kiss you all over! At least, that’s what I would do.
Declan 2 Yr Old Portraits_49 RS
You’re such a sweet 2 year old and I’m so glad to be a part of your little life.
Declan 2 Yr Old Portraits_54 RS
See ya at drop off next week!
Declan 2 Yr Old Portraits_55 RS