Amelia: 3 Years Old!
Amelia: 3 Years Old!
The weekend before last (I’m slightly behind), I met up with Amelia for her 3 year old portrait session at Pullen Park.
Amelia 3 Yrs Old_008 RS
Amelia wasn’t completely interested in having her photo taken, but with the promise of playtime at the park, she allowed me to shoot while she tried her best to avoid the camera.
Amelia 3 Yrs Old_018 rs
It used to make me nervous when kids did this to me…the fear of not capturing the beautiful smiling shots that all parents want. Over time, I’ve learned to just roll with the punches.
Amelia Portrait
Three year olds are especially fun (I say that now with my own 2 year old). So independent. A little bossy. A little grumpy. Just forces me to work a little harder.
Amelia 3 Yrs Old_036 RS
But by the looks of these photos, I’m not sure you’d ever know that Miss Amelia ever put up a fight.
Amelia 3 Yrs Old_025 RS
And, just as we promised, as soon as I was able to capture a few “pretty” photos, we changed clothes and went to play.
7F1A6185 RS
A little carousel ride…a little train action…a little boat ride. I don’t know any child who can contain a smile when they’re having fun.
Amelia 3 Yrs Old_056 RS
Amelia 3 Yrs Old_073 RS Amelia 3 Yrs Old_090 RS Amelia 3 Yrs Old_101 RS Amelia 3 Yrs Old_108 RS
So thanks Amelia for all the laughs and giggles. You are one of the most wonderful 3 year olds I know and I look forward to seeing you again in November!
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