The “K” Family: Portrait Preview
The “K” Family: Portrait Preview
Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of shooting at my alma mater thanks to an old family friend.
Kirchner Family 10-14_02 RS
Brooke and I have known each other since we were little girls. Our moms are best friends and because Brooke is a couple of years older than me…I often got her hand-me-downs.
Kirchner Family 10-14_10 RS
Fast forward a few years and I followed Brooke to Peace College. I remember one day in particular that my mom and I took a day off from school to visit Peace and hand deliver my application. Brooke met up with us in the dining hall. Seeing a familiar face made me feel right at home.
Kirchner Family 10-14_16 RS
After a tour around campus, my mom had me standing in front of the Main building holding a bouquet of balloons to celebrate my acceptance. She must have taken a gazillion photos that afternoon. She then realized that she had no film (remember those days). We had a good laugh over that!
Kirchner Family 10-14_32 RS
Going back to campus with Brooke brought up all those memories…and while the college has been through a number of changes over the past five years, it still feels like home.
Kirchner Family 10-14_28 RS
Interestingly enough, Brooke tells me that our session was their first time having official “family photos” done. Hey Brooke – let’s make that happen more often, mmmkay?
Kirchner Family 10-14_46 RS
Brooke’s little girl, Emma Kate, took a little while to warm up to me. Emma Kate has met me before at my mom’s shop, but meeting someone in a store and spending any time with them are two very different things.
Kirchner Family 10-14_48 RS
Luckily, I speak kid…and Emma Kate and I quickly became friends. At 4 years old, I let her call the shots (you know, with a little bit of direction).
Kirchner Family 10-14_55 bw
In some cases, this meant she wanted her parents to take photos by themselves (which I entertained a little bit)…in other cases, it meant a lot of silly faces. Either way, we had fun with it.
Kirchner Family 10-14_70 RS
I’m hopeful that these photos show you all sides of Emma Kate’s beautiful personality. Sassy, sweet and silly!
Kirchner Family 10-14_77 RS
Actually, if it wasn’t for the sun disappearing, we probably could have shot for much longer. As we were slowing down, that’s when Emma Kate started really getting into it. You know what that means, right?
Kirchner Family 10-14_84 RS
I know where to find a model when I need one! Cough Cough – do you SEE this last shot? That’s all her.
Kirchner Family 10-14_88 RS
All that said, we had an incredible session and I’m so glad you (Brooke) contacted me. Thanks for being such a fun family to work with and I hope you love your photos as much as I do.

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