William: Newborn Portrait Session Preview
William: Newborn Portrait Session Preview
This past weekend, I had an opportunity to meet newborn William and his family for a few photos.
William Hilgoe Newborn_14 RS
I started photographing William’s family earlier in the year, starting with his big sister Mary Adkins – who I believe is just 15 months older. We celebrated MA’s birthday this summer. It was a lot of fun!
William Hilgoe Newborn_28 RS
William decided to arrive a couple of weeks ahead of schedule, but you can tell that this family has already adjusted quite well to having a newborn in the house again.
William Hilgoe Newborn_42 RS
After taking a few photos of the family together, William, his mommy and I went up to his nursery for a few special photos.
William Hilgoe Newborn_50 RS
The house seemed completely quiet and it was as if time was standing still for us.
William Hilgoe Newborn_60 RS
We had a beautiful session and I was reminded of how much I love being around sweet babies.
William Hilgoe Newborn_55 RS
Actually, one of William’s future best friends will be born soon and I’ll be photographing her too. I can’t wait!
William Hilgoe Newborn_70 RS
Until then, we can all enjoy these sweet photos of baby William.
William Hilgoe Newborn_71 RS William Hilgoe Newborn_82 RS William Hilgoe Newborn_85 RS William Hilgoe Newborn_16 RS
Welcome to the world William! I can’t wait to see how much you’ve grown the next time I see you.
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