Meet 4 Day Old Hadley
Meet 4 Day Old Hadley
Earlier this week, I went over to see Miss Hadley again for a few family photos at home.
Hadley Newborn Session_006 RS
If you’ve been following along, you probably remember Hadley’s hospital photos that I took on Sunday afternoon. If you missed them, click HERE.
Hadley Newborn Session_020 RS
This session was a little different from my session on Sunday. Not only was I photographing Hadley, but I also photographed her sweet sister, Bellamy. It was almost 2 years ago that I was capturing Bellamy as a newborn. It’s hard to believe that she was once this little – I guess that’s what children do…they grow. If you’re interested in Bellamy’s newborns session, click HERE.
Hadley Newborn Session_040 RS
Looking back through Bellamy’s newborn photos, these two sisters look very different from one another. Bellamy has dark hair and dark eyes. And Hadley has blonde hair and blue eyes…at least for now. Either way, Bellamy has fallen right into the roll of big sister.
Hadley Body Parts RS
After taking a few “peek-a-boo” types of shot from the front door, we came inside to do a little bit of posed shots. Posed shots are not my forte, but we had fun with it. For one, I made a newborn crown! Not bad, eh? Then we photographed all of Hadley’s sweet newborn body parts. I made sure to capture plenty of her little feet. Her mama loves feet! HEHE
Hadley Newborn Session_068 RS
The one thing I’m really loving about Hadley is how willing she’s been to show me her beautiful eyes. So many newborns are still cross-eyed at this point, so to get a pretty open-eye shot can be difficult. Not for Hadley. She’s clearly ready for her year of photos with me!
Hadley Newborn Session_076 RS
We also made sure to take a few family photos. Bellamy wasn’t completely interested, but she tolerated me.
Hadley Newborn Session_083 RS
I have this whole series of images where Bellamy is laughing while no one is looking at the camera…and then when everyone is looking, she gives this serious look. Silly girl!
Hadley Newborn Session_104 RS
All in all, it was a great day and I’m so glad that I get to participate in this family’s memories. Love you guys!
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