January 16, 2015
Winter Maternity Photos
Winter Maternity Photos
This past weekend, I met up with Traci and Tracy (yes…you read that right) to capture a very special time in their lives.
Traci Rush Maternity_08 RS
Interestingly enough, Traci and I have been in touch for the past two years trying to coordinate a photo session. Our original plan was much different, so when she contacted me several months ago to finally put a date on the calendar, I was thrilled to hear that she and her husband were expecting their first child.
Traci Rush Maternity_16 RS
Granted, no one enjoys going outside for photos on a super cold day, but Traci and her husband welcomed me to their beautiful farm nonetheless.
Traci Rush Maternity_26 RS
You can hardly tell that it was even cold outside! If only you could have seen me…bundled up in a gazillion layers to stay warm.
Traci Rush Maternity_29 RS
I actually had a great time walking around their property. They have the perfect piece of land for photos and I’m looking forward to coming out over the next year to photograph Traci’s son.
Traci Rush Maternity_40 RS
After he arrives of course…and we’ll probably stay inside for those shots.
Traci Rush Maternity_50 RS
Alright, I’ve run out of things to say, so I hope you enjoy this session.
Traci Rush Maternity_56 RS
I look forward to seeing you all in a few weeks!
Traci Rush Maternity_61 RS
Until then, be sure to pack that bag and install that carseat like we discussed!
Traci Rush Maternity_68 RS

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