February 19, 2015
Ellie & Lanie Turn 1!
Ellie & Lanie Turn 1!
Last year, about this time, I was photographing my very first twin newborn session. Photographing these beautiful girls for the past year has been quite a treat. Unfortunately, as is life…Ellie and Lanie grew up. My mom tells me that that’s what happens when you feed them. Considering that not feeding babies isn’t really an option (at least not without being sent to prison), it seems that their first year of life has come to an end and these once precious babies have quickly become very mobile toddlers.

On Saturday (Valentine’s Day), I brought the girls back into my home studio (aka our loft) for a portrait session. It was entirely too cold to go outside so I test drove some of my new background paper and floor drop. I still have much to learn about indoor portraits, but we had a lot of fun and I’m thrilled to share some of my favorites. Happy Birthday girls- I’ll see you again soon!
Pulliam Twins 1st Birthday Portraits_02 RS Pulliam Twins 1st Birthday Portraits_14 RS Pulliam Twins 1st Birthday Portraits_32 RS   Oh look who made an appearance. Big brother, Zan, also came into the studio so he could be in a few group shots. He is really getting into a fun age as it relates to photography. He’ll sit still…take direction and act silly on demand. I’ve had one particular collage idea in mind for a while – don’t be surprised in August when you see a collection of silly faces from this guy!Pulliam Twins 1st Birthday Portraits_44 RS Pulliam Twins 1st Birthday Portraits_47 RS   Alright – truth…I had to merge 3 shots together to get this little gem of a family portrait. As it turns out, three children don’t want to look at the camera and “smile” at the same time. Who knew?!Pulliam Twins 1st Birthday Portraits_52 RS Pulliam Twins 1st Birthday Portraits_56 RS
By the way, if you’re interested in an indoor portrait session, just ask! I plan to get at least one more floor drop (white washed) and would love to work with you!

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