I Heart Faces: Orange

November 08, 2010
This week’s I Heart Faces theme is ORANGE. Most of you saw this photo last week when I shared a sneak peak of my Halloween Portrait Session with my friends Emma, Frances and Caroline. I really love this picture of Caroline wearing a lion costume…and she’s wearing yellow and ORANGE tights. Apparently, I’m not the only one who loved this photo because it won #1 Photo at Shutter Love Tuesday and Show Yourself Thursday. For that very reason, I thought it was only appropriate to share this photo one more time at I Heart Faces. For more ORANGE photos, go to: Thanks again to...
I Heart Faces: “Pink”

October 25, 2010
In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, this week’s I Heart Faces’ theme is PINK. I actually have a photo to contribute this week (as a result of a few recent photo sessions). Many of you have already seen this gorgeous baby – she’s chewing on a PINK camera. Actually, we almost had a fight over that pink camera. Her older sister, Frances, was originally playing with it, when Caroline (the baby above) decided she wanted a chew toy. It was such a cute moment that I begged Frances to let her play with it for just a minute. I’m just glad Frances was willing to...
Shutter Love Tuesday: BABIES!

October 12, 2010
I am not even going to try to compete with all of the amazing baby pictures that are  posted at Trendy Treehouse right now. As you know, we don’t have any children of our own, but I do love some cute babies (this is one of those posts that will send “have a baby” emails my way…I  just have a feeling). Anyways, last night I was bound and determined (how southern do I sound right now?) to finish my children’s portrait session from a couple of weeks ago. You’ll be happy to know that my editing is complete and I just need to burn a CD and drop it in the...
The Letter “E”

October 04, 2010
This post is sponsored by the letter “E.” E is for EYES. I didn’t think anyone would mind seeing another photo of this baby’s beautiful eyes (thanks Dina for the inspiration). E is for EGGS. Note to self…don’t photograph eggs on white background. E is also for ELEPHANT…specifically, this elephant shot that won last week’s Photo Freak challenge. Thanks to everyone that voted for me! Speaking of wins…I almost won last week’s “blue” challenge for Shutterlove Tuesday at the Trendy Treehouse. I’m still honored to have...