Fix-It Friday

June 04, 2010
An unfortunate thing happened in cyberspace with regards to my beloved I Heart Faces “Fix-It Friday.” Here’s what their website says, “We have recently learned of a copyright infringement concerning a photo that was used for a past FIF. The original photographer of that particular photo found her image being used in the sample products of a digital download that was listed for sale on eBay.”Unfortunately, this means that the I Heart Faces community (including myself) won’t be able to edit photos from other community members…only from the official...
Before & After: Oompa Loompa

May 20, 2010
Allison‘s sweet baby boy has jaundice, as evidence by his oompa loompa photo below (I promise she used that language and I’m not making fun). She wants to use this photograph as a baby announcement, but doesn’t necessarily want him to be forever known as the orange baby…I get that. So, since I’m on a photo editing binge this afternoon…I took on the challenge. I didn’t write down all of my steps in as detail as I did with the previous two because I wasn’t sure how good it would turn out…but, I’m pretty proud of the outcome of this...
Before & After

April 27, 2010
Today, I’m trying something a little different with my Before & After. This is Kristen‘s new baby – isn’t she pretty? If I remember correctly, Kristen’s been working on her exposure and white balance…and based on her before shot (below), it actually looks pretty good. But, I didn’t like the limb chop, so I went ahead and chopped off the other arm completely.Now, this is where I’m trying something a little different…so I hope it works (and if not, you may see me working on it behind the scenes). I found this great little widget that...
Before & After: Late Night

April 13, 2010
Whenever I travel cross-country, I do my best to adjust my body’s schedule as quickly as possible…which means forcing myself to stay up (hence the reason I’m up so late). So, although I posted some shots from the weekend (Flowers in Bloom), I absolutely love editing others’ photos when given the opportunity. In this case, a three-day old baby!This baby is gorgeous. I felt pretty good with the exposure (I may have slightly adjusted the curves), but I did adjust the color curves for skin tone. I also really wanted to clean up the face so I applied Coffeeshop’s Baby...