Two Girls + Two Cameras = 100% Goofy

April 27, 2011
Yesterday, I was supposed to participate in a photography workshop. Notice the phrase “supposed to?” Scattered thunderstorms canceled those plans. No worries, Casey gave me a call and we decided to meet up for a little photography session of our own. Casey and I have met up a few times, but this was our first one-on-one date. I can assure you that it will not be our last! We tried to see who could out-goof the other. Although she was kind in her post last night, I’m pretty sure that she’ll be posting photos of me acting goofy as ever in no time. Her best attempts at...
Bachelorette Weekend: Part 1

April 20, 2011
As I’ve mentioned a few times already, this past weekend, I joined my friend Jennifer for her Bachelorette Weekend in Charleston, S.C. Fortunately for us, the weather (although a bit breezy at times) was perfect. Unfortunately for those we left behind…disaster. Yes, I do live in the area affected by the recent tornadoes in North Carolina, our home was not affected. We got into town around lunch. So, after meeting up with the girls at the Kickin Chicken, we hit King Street for a little shopping. By the way, see that extremely pale girl in the middle…yeah, I need a tan!I was...
Vloggin’ Vednesdays: Music

April 13, 2011
Vednesday, April 13th “Let’s Talk Music”I mentioned that I would include a music video by the artist I included in my vlog this week. I’m loving this song by Lecrae  and I hope you enjoy it too.   And for those of you that I know won’t watch the vlog (no worries…I completely understand), I thought I’d provide a taste of what you missed. My husband has mad dance skills.          Have a Great Vloggin’
Vloggin’ Vednesdays: Interview with Kitty Paw...

April 06, 2011
Vednesday, April 6th “Significant others” tell us about ‘em, or show ‘em, whatever you like (could be husband, wife, pet, friend…)I am completely behind on my blog (and any blog reading associated with blogging). In fact, I put together this video just moments ago, so I hope you enjoyed the interview. We certainly did. And for those of you that may not have enough time to watch the video (even though I kept it short…and added a fun song), here’s a couple of pictures that were not included in the video. Have a Great Vloggin’ Vednesday!By the way, if you want to join...