One Way

December 22, 2010
This sign reminded me of this song.      Other than begging for votes, I don’t have much to say today, but Kitty Paw reminded me that she hasn’t been on my blog in a while. So, for all the Kitty Paw fans around the world – Merry Christmas!
Dreaming of Shower Water

December 15, 2010
To those of you that have a cat or dog…I’m sure you know what this is about. Kitty Paw loves to lick up the shower water after I’ve taken a shower. Happy Wednesday! 
November 2010 Photo Hunt: Unveiled!

December 01, 2010
I absolutely love a good photo hunt and for the past month, I have carried a list of items around with me to photograph…all for the sake of the November 2010 Photo Hunt. I’ve shared many of these photos on my blog before, but I did want to save a few surprises. Without further discussion, here are my items:1. Home Sweet HomeThis is obviously not my home, but at one point…it was home to somebody. I passed this torn down home a few times and finally decided to stop and photograph it. I then thought I’d try a little HDR processing. I tried one version in which I tried...
Inspired: One Photo, Three Edits

November 17, 2010
I’m not sure what has inspired this overwhelming feeling of joy and creativity lately, but I’m going to blame it on Kim Klassen. I signed up for her PSE skinny mini e-course a couple of weeks ago thinking I might not learn anything new, but that I could at least reinforce some of her lessons though my tutorials. As it turns out, I’ve learned a couple of new tricks and  I’ve been inspired to change up my processing. Here is a nearly SOOC shot (I overexposed it on purpose and recovered some of the blacks in Adobe Camera Raw). Using some of Kim’s processing steps,...