First Kiss

May 22, 2010
Jenny sent me this picture of her little girl putting the moves on this little boy. She thought it’d make for a cute storyboard…and I couldn’t agree more. Considering this is a weekend to celebrate love (I went out last night with one bride and going to a wedding this afternoon), I thought that these pictures were perfect to reflect my mood. Do you remember your first kiss…first love? Anyways, I’m off to get ready. Congratulations Candace and Brandon – enjoy Jamaica next week!
Fix-It Friday

May 21, 2010
This week’s Fix-it Friday submission comes to us from Shelle. She caught a darling little photo of her baby girl at the end of the day. Indoor lighting can be pretty tricky, often casting a non-desirable color and/or creating a blur if our settings aren’t exactly right. Today has already been busy, but I wanted to squeeze in this edit. I love some of the natural edits that have already been posted to I Heart Faces, but I also love textures (if you check out any of my before and afters…you already know that).  Here is the original: And here is my edit: I didn’t...
Before & After

May 20, 2010
One of the ladies on the photography board was asking a few questions about editing  in Photoshop Elements yesterday. I mentioned to her that if she ever wanted me to run some edits and spell out the process, that I’d be happy to do so. Well, she took me up on my offer and I’m so glad she did. In this picture, the sunlight is creating an interesting pattern on his face. To be honest, this is not something that is easily fixed…and I kinda like it. He’s also a little cool, but that’s easy to fix.  In my edit…I opened up the levels (you’ll find this...
Before & After: Getting Started Tutorial...

May 10, 2010
Ilene sent me a note the other day through my Contact Me page asking me a few questions about getting started. I sometimes take for granted that I have some experience with editing and that I’ve downloaded so many actions, tools, etc to make my life a little easier. All that said, this is for those of you just getting started with editing. I personally use Photoshop Elements 7 (and Adobe Camera Raw) to do my editing – this is the old version. Photoshop Elements 8 is now out and can be yours for about $82. For most hobbyists, I believe that PSE is the answer…especially if...