Shutter Love Tuesday: BABIES!

October 12, 2010
I am not even going to try to compete with all of the amazing baby pictures that are  posted at Trendy Treehouse right now. As you know, we don’t have any children of our own, but I do love some cute babies (this is one of those posts that will send “have a baby” emails my way…I  just have a feeling). Anyways, last night I was bound and determined (how southern do I sound right now?) to finish my children’s portrait session from a couple of weeks ago. You’ll be happy to know that my editing is complete and I just need to burn a CD and drop it in the...
The Pumpkin Patch

October 05, 2010
I mentioned that on Saturday, my husband went to a football game. I’m not really into football (and he didn’t have a ticket for me), so I decided to go to The Pumpkin Patch instead to pick out our Fall Pumpkin! I had the entire Pumpkin Patch (yes, I like saying Pumpkin Patch) to myself. Apparently, all the cool kids were watching football. I never realized how many pumpkin variations were available. Nonetheless, I took advantage of an empty lot and took a few photos (and wish I had taken more). This was one of my favorite shots from the day – a pile of mostly white...