Valentine Flowers

February 15, 2011
Yesterday, I shared a picture of my husband  holding a beautiful bouquet of flowers – if you missed it, click HERE. During the course of our photo shoot, I decided that my original plan was quickly becoming an epic failure so I thought it might be better to just photograph the flowers instead. So what did he do? – he held them up to his head hoping he’d still be in the picture. Men! Here’s my SOOC shot. Can you see my husband’s head on the far right?  50mm, ISO 100, f/2, 1/2000 sec. Now that I’m not completely annoyed by his antics, it was kinda...
Beautiful Bokeh

February 08, 2011
My brother turned 27 on Friday. To celebrate, we had lunch with the family on Sunday. Surprisingly enough, it was a beautiful day…even more surprising, my brother asked if I could quickly take a picture of him with his girlfriend. So, I walked outside to adjust my settings. I took one shot…went to preview and noticed that I was completely out of focus. However, I couldn’t delete the shot – it was much too beautiful. It also served as gentle reminder that life can be just as pretty (if not prettier) if I don’t stay so focused all the time. (linking up with Sweet...
Cake Smash!

February 01, 2011
On January 22nd, Caroline turned 1! I  posted a sneak peak of my photos from that session on Friday (if you haven’t seen them yet, click HERE), and I re-shared one of those images for I Heart Faces’ “People’s Choice” challenge yesterday (if you haven’t already, please vote: #236). As promised, I thought I’d share more images from the ever popular “CAKE SMASH!” As you can see, she wasn’t too shy with her birthday cake. When “shooting” people, I have a tendency to focus too much on faces, so I decided to experiment with...
Cutie Patootie!

January 18, 2011
Our nephew, Carter, is a real cutie patootie! Believe it or not, in between editing pictures from the wedding I photographed a few weeks ago, I still find myself looking at pictures from our last trip to visit my in-laws. For some reason, I love this shot. He’s so full of personality right now. Granted, he has little time to stop for the camera, but I was able to capture a few decent shots. This particular shot is all about the eyes. In my edit…I started by duplicating my background and adding a high pass filter (Filter>Other>High Pass>Radius=15 pixels). I then applied a soft...