Curb Appeal

November 01, 2011
My husband and I regularly talk about building a new home. Not that there is anything wrong with our current home, but it’s not our “ever after home.” A few years ago, just a few months before we got married, we put both of our homes on the market (not the best of ideas since the market was starting to really fall). Our original plan was to sell both homes and buy a new home together – we’d even made a contingent offer on another house. Well, like all things, God had other plans for us. My house sold within four days…my husband’s home (now our home)...
Out with the OLD, In with the NEW

October 18, 2011
If you’ve been following my faith posts the past few weeks (and I know I took off a week last week because we ended up visiting my in-laws’ church…and I didn’t take very good notes, but our church took a break from the series the same weekend), you know that my church is currently in a series called “HGTV Life.” This week, we continued the series with “Holmes on Homes: Out with the Old, In with the New.” I think I may have watched Holmes on Homes maybe once. The basic premise of the show is that Mike Holmes takes a deeper look at stuff in our...
From the Inside Out

October 04, 2011
As I mentioned last week, my church has recently started a new series called “HGTV Life.” After watching a bit too much HGTV following a recent surgery, my minister is taking popular design programs and applying them to our lives. Last week, I shared with you our lesson, “Hidden Potential: Discovering Our Character Potential.” This week, we continued the series with “Renovation Realities.” I haven’t actually seen “Renovation Realities,” but I understand the basic premise – naive homeowners taken on projects bigger than their...
Hidden Potential

September 27, 2011
My church has recently started a new series called “HGTV Life.” Apparently, our minister spent a lot of time watching HGTV after one of his recent surgeries…and it occurred to him that this concept of home improvement might make for an interesting series…especially considering that God is the ultimate “Design Star.” Last week, we kicked off the series with a discussion of character. Although I did not post on my blog, I did not skip the lesson…rather, I applied that inspiration to an upcoming guest post at Higher Calling Focus which will post in...