Fix-It Friday

March 26, 2010
This week’s photo comes to us from Natalie from And Then There Were Three. This is her daughter, Abigail – isn’t she cute? Although I typically like to add a vintage look to my photos…and I was hoping to test out PW’s new PSE actions, this photo lent itself really well to a bright, happy finish. Here’s my steps: I used DP’s Perfect Workflow first – I’ve found this is really a great way to do a lot of post-processing as quickly as possible.  Next I used PW’s Bring Out the Eyes action. I did a little additional dodge and burn to...
“Focusing on Angles”

March 22, 2010
This week’s i ♥ faces photo challenge theme is: “Focusing on Angles.” I took a number of shots yesterday on NC State’s campus, and just shared a number of those shots with you in my previous post…but I thought I’d share this one for the photo challenge. I was photographing some flowers when I heard my husband yelling at me to come over. He was in the most unusual spot – down a set of stairs, behind bars. First, I laughed. Then I told him to hold there so I could take a picture. I took this shot standing over him and looking down. I only wish that...
Bundled Up

March 16, 2010
This week’s i ♥ faces photo challenge theme is: “Bundled Up.” As with the last photo challenge, I don’t have many photos to illustrate this theme. In fact, over the past few years, I haven’t really gotten outside much to enjoy the winter weather. North Carolina isn’t known for their winter wonderlands, and although I’ve taken several shots this past winter of the snow…I have no shots with faces. So, I went back into my photography archive and found the shot below, taken on a ski lift while I was attending a business meeting in the Denver area...
Fix-It Friday (Sunday Edition)

March 14, 2010
Better late than never…As you know, I’ve been out-of-town this week. I got home on Friday night, so I was a little tired to work on the latest “Fix-It Friday.” I should also mention that on Friday (while with a client), I spilled coffee on my laptop. As a result, my keys are a little sticky…so, as you might imagine, I was a bit aggravated with my machine. Anywho, today I am relaxed so I thought I’d catch up.  This week’s “fix-it” photo comes from Amy Pinney. She wrote, “The photo I’m submitting is one of my daughter watching...