I Heart Faces: Pets

December 13, 2010
This week’s I Heart Faces theme is “pets.” If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you should be familiar with my beloved Kitty Paw…she’s quite a rock star here at Ramblings and Photos. You may even remember the shot below – the color version used to be my header. I’m not sure if she’s snarling or giving me her best Elvis impersonation. Either way, this look is priceless. For more pet photos, go to:
Vote for Paw Humbug…Pretty Please?!...

December 05, 2010
Paw Humbug has made The Paper Mama’s Top 20 for this year’s Holiday Card Challenge. Kitty Paw is so excited that she’s been begging me all day to post a voting reminder. So…since Kitty Paw is the boss, please vote for our Christmas Card – we’re #15! You can click on the button to the right to go to the voting page or CLICK HERE! I apologize for interrupting Scavenger Hunt Sunday. I’m done begging….thanks for voting and have a wonderful
Special Delivery

November 10, 2010
Last night, I had a package waiting for me on my front door step. You’ll have to wait until Sunday to see what I got (it’s good….really good)…in the meantime, I thought I’d leave you with some of my latest creativity. I dedicate this one to The Paper Mama! On a more serious note, I love this cat! While I was playing with my new toy, Kitty Paw was sitting at the top of the stairs watching me. I love that I can get such pretty catch lights with my speedlight. In post-processing, I used a new action called Desolate by My Four Hens. Love it!For more...
In Your Eyes…

November 09, 2010
There are a number of challenges today that focus on “eyes.” I don’t have much to say about eyes other than I do believe that your eyes say a lot about the type of person you are. I can look into a person’s eyes and tell if they are trustworthy…or not, if they are strong, if they are happy, if they’ve been hurt, if they are sad… But the eyes I share today are happy…even silly. So, without further discussion, here’s Frances!Frances is one silly bean. She made me work for these two shots (and any others I’ve been able to capture) since...