Friday Ramblings and Reflections

March 04, 2011
Last night I had dinner with Sarah, the NapTime MomTog. Notice that I didn’t say I had dinner with Sarah and her family? That’s right…just me and Sarah…a little girl’s night out, if you will. After enjoying a nice Mexican dinner (and it was sooooo good) and photography chatter, Sarah pulls out her camera and says something to the effect of, “well, we’ve got to take some pictures.” I’m absolutely sure that she’ll be posting some embarrassing shots of me later…besides, I was wearing a huge scarf that made my neck look...
Thank Goodness it’s FRIDAY!

February 18, 2011
What a week! As of yesterday, I was still serving jury duty…today, I am a free woman. I spent most of my day sitting and waiting. If you were following me on Twitter, you saw my announcement around 3 o’clock that we’d been released. I’m not exactly sure what the circumstances of our particular case were, but they managed to reach some sort of settlement. So, I guess I’m free of jury duty for another two years. Yay!With that said, thank goodness it’s Friday! I haven’t had much time to shoot anything new, and I clearly need new material to photograph,...
My Valentine

February 11, 2011
Kitty Paw is quite a lucky girl. She’s already received so many love letters – it’s going to be so hard to choose a favorite. Last night, we decided to create our own love letter. So, to all the sweet cats, dogs, bunnies, fish, children and any others that might send a love letter our way…MEOW. For more valentines, go to:           (Valentine template courtesy of Florabella exclusive templates on Facebook) Also, don’t forget to write your love letter to Kitty Paw. Click on the button below for all the details! Finally, do me one final favor. I’m...

February 04, 2011
This week was one of my busier weeks at work – one of those weeks where I have a chance to use my psychology degree. On Wednesday afternoon, I found myself escaping the office and driving into the countryside. I’m not sure it requires much explanation, but I find comfort and peace on these little country roads – granted, I also wanted to take advantage of  a 70 degree day (which quickly turned back into a 40 degree day…strange weather we’re having right now) with my camera. In particular, I thought of Tara’s Live Every Moment photo challenge. This...