Macro Monday: Fall Leaves

September 27, 2010
I’ve started to notice that the leaves are now changing and falling. When I saw this leaf, even though it was kinda crinkled, it was symbolic of all the changes that were coming. Autumn is my favorite season…it always has been. I think back to when I was little…I used to get excited for school to start…something about new school clothes, cooler weather, a new year. I could probably live in 70 degree temperatures all year long. And it’s not just fall temperatures that I love… My husband and I got married last October (so we will be celebrating our first...
Macro Monday: The Butterfly

September 20, 2010
Last month, I searched all over for one butterfly that would sit long enough for me to photograph it for the August 2010 Photo Hunt. So today, much to my surprise, a butterfly decided to perch itself on top of our mailbox. I think I actually asked if it would sit tight for just a minute while I got my camera…and it did! I took several shots in fact, but this one was my favorite. I then decided to play around with my post-processing and added a Kim Klassen texture (this one is called Celine) – I seriously encourage you to check out her textures. Anyways, the August 2010 Photo Hunt...
Photos on Country Roads

August 30, 2010
This weekend, I went to visit my husband’s family. While I was there, I took a number of my Photo Hunt shots to share with you on Wednesday, September 1 (as well as some of the shots I shared with you yesterday for Scavenger Hunt Sunday). But, before we left…I was sure to take a few other photos…three of which I’m sharing today and one that I think I’ll save for Friday…and yet another one on Sunday for next week’s Scavenger Hunt. This first shot is a miniature John Deere tractor that I found in my brother-in-law’s old bedroom. For whatever...
Macro Monday: YORK

August 23, 2010
Today marks Lisa at Lisa’s Chaos 100th Macro Monday. She’s really hoping that she’ll see 100 people participate in her weekly Macro Monday meme to celebrate the occasion. Well…you know I had to contribute, so this week I’m sharing a shot that I initially took for the scavenger hunt to reflect “something sweet.” York Peppermint Patties are my all time favorite type of candy/chocolate/treat – chocolate on the outside, minty goodness on the inside…how can you go wrong. Anyways, for more Macro Monday shots, go to one of the buttons below (it...