Macro Monday: The Ant

August 16, 2010
I am not fast…well, not as fast as an ant. My husband was outside during the weekend and motioned for me to come outside to look at the plants. While I was outside, I noticed all these ants running around our front door. I thought I’d get a shot of them. This simple objective proved much harder than it initially appeared, but I got it. For more macro shots, go to:By the way, I will be in training most of the day and may not be able to get back to comments until much later tonight (I may also need help linking up). Please be patient with me as I make my rounds. Have a great
Beer, Bourbon and BBQ: Macro

August 09, 2010
I’ll be sure to share a few more of my shots from the Beer, Bourbon and BBQ festival soon, but I thought I’d share a macro first. I seem to be taking more and more random macro shots and fewer flower macro shots, but I think they’re still pretty interesting. I actually meant to take some photos of something completely different, but I guess I’ll save that moment for another day. This particular macro shot is of our wrist bands from the festival. In the process of this shot and a few prior, I realized that our white dining room table makes for a great photo...
Macro Monday: Aleve

August 02, 2010
Remember how my neck and back were in pain a week or so ago? I started thinking about my cross-country flight and decided I better bring some Aleve. Of course that also means I should photograph the pills macro style.For more Macro shots, go to: By the way, if you’re visiting my blog and notice that I haven’t officially linked up with Lisa at Macro Monday, would you please link me up? Thanks in advance and have a great
Durham Photo Walk 2010: Part 1 – Macro...

July 26, 2010
This weekend was HOT…too hot to be outside between the hours of 10 am and 2 pm taking pictures in downtown Durham, but Natalie and I were troopers and toughed it out with the big boys for Scott Kelby’s Third Annual Worldwide Photo Walk. Actually, we had quite a good time – in between wiping the sweat off our faces of course. I still have a number of photos to process, but I wanted to start sharing some of my favorites. First off, here is Natalie focusing on her subject – I honestly don’t know what she’s photographing.We stopped by this old truck yard to...