The Nursery

July 21, 2012
I promised many weeks ago that I would share pictures of Felicity’s nursery. I never imagined that that preview would come after her birth, but I do like to keep my promises. Here’s a wide look at the entire room. Pewter crib by Bratt Decor. I love that it looks vintage. Of course, Felicity has yet to spend a night in her crib. The bedding was custom made by a local seamstress. We found the fabric at a fabric outlet in town. I wanted something that was playful…but I didn’t want it to scream NURSERY or GIRL. Most of my college friends would have expected pinks and...
A Pregnancy Story: One Last Shower

July 14, 2012
I’m completely aware of the fact that I’m no longer pregnant. However, if Miss Felicity had only waited until her actual due date, I would still be pregnant…and I’d still be giving my weekly bump reports, sharing photos of the nursery, etc. Considering that I still haven’t documented my final baby shower or shared photos of Felicity’s nursery, I’m going to take a look back for the next few weeks. No worries – I’ll still share new photos of Felicity in between. From Left: Aunt Laurie, my sister, ME and my momWith that in mind…my final...
Felicity’s Birth Story

July 09, 2012
From the very moment I found out I was pregnant, I started thinking ahead to my due date…which forced me to think about whether or not I would continue working after our baby was born…which led me to planning my last day at work (you can assume that I decided not work full time post-baby). When asked, I would often tell my coworkers, “My goal is to work through June (June 29th being my last day). I’d love to take the month of July off and live it up like a school teacher.” HA HA, yeah, I totally planned on floating in a pool for the month of July as I worked my...
Surprise! I Had A Baby!!

July 01, 2012
Everyone is doing great, but we’re actively learning how to adjust to life with a newborn. I’ll be sure to share my story and pictures soon, but for now be sure to visit Sarah Halstead who is hosting Scavenger Hunt Sunday for me this week.